About Us

Car Done was organically formed through our sister company Sound in Motion (est.1988). We have been operating under Sound in Motion in Allston MA for many years and in 2020, both companies moved to our new, much larger facility in Watertown MA. We now have a dedicated space for over ten cars just for Car Done services alone. Over the years, Sound in Motion’s trusting and loyal clients where continuously asking for references for these types of services, but to be done at the same level of detail, Sound in Motion is known for. We felt that with every referral, our name was on the line, with little or no control over the actual results. This led to us bringing whatever we could in-house and lead to the official birth of Car DoneBoston’s Premier Vehicle Service”. Our mission is to offer the highest quality, detail oriented results and strive for an exceptional customer experience. Every project is analyzed and a strategic plan is created to achieve or exceed our client’s expectations.

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"Derek, Jim, Nicole and entire staff I want to let you know that Nicole did an incredible job working on my cars. Her attention to detail was incredible. She treated those cars like her own. I have been a customer of yours for over 12 years, and every time you work on my cars, the job you do is better than the last."
Mark Lepler
"Thank you Nicole and Jim!!!  The car looks fantastic! Can't tell you how many times I've turned on the lights in the garage and just admired Nicole's work of art."
Ann Snow
"Nicole did an amazing job with the ceramic coating on my Jaguar E-Pace. She worked on both the interior as well as the exterior (also removed the deep ice scraper scratches too) and my car looks brand new! So happy I invested in the ceramic coating and I can't wait for the environmental elements to just roll off my car. Thanks so much, Nicole!"
Melissa Janowitsch
"Car Done is hands down the best auto detailing service in the Boston area! I brought my brand new 2022 Volvo S90 to Car Done for an exterior/ interior ceramic protection and WOW they did an incredible job! My car now looks way better than when I bought it brand new from the Volvo dealership. They also kept me updated on the multi-day step processes which as a customer scores big points with me. I also have a piece of mind knowing that Car Done only uses the finest high-performance ceramic coating product lines in the automotive detailing industry to protect my car. So if you are looking for auto detailing performed at the highest standards with top notch customer service then I highly recommend Car Done for all your automotive detailing needs!"
Ronni Thomas
"You guys detail and prep process for ppf is amazing!! I’d like to believe most do it this thoroughly but you guys really have it together. It seems worth the travel deal with you guys!, Great workmanship and video!"
Melvin Jones Jr.
"Just want to let Derek and his team at Car Done know how much I appreciate them taking such good care of my new car. They have done multiple vehicles for me and all of them have come out perfect."
Raymond Lucci